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Frank Heberling
Institute for Nuclear Waste Disposal (KIT-INE)
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Goldschmidt Conference

Goldschmidt Conference

Palais des congrès de Montréal


Montreal, Canada


June, 24-29, 2012





Goldschmidt 2012 in Montreal

Goldschmidt 2012 in Montreal

S. Hofmann

HeaderGoldschmidt 2012

The 22nd GoldschmidtTM conference took place in June 2012 in Montreal, Canada. The conference focussed on the Earth in Evolution and includes "great science, exciting activities, and the chance to network and socialise with many groups and individuals working in the field.

The contribution of ImmoRad project concentrated on "Structural incorporation of heavy metals/radionuclides into mineral phases in aqueous environment", "Physicochemical constraints of the marine carbonate system: recent insights into the reactivity of carbonate minerals in aqueous solutions" and "Structure and dynamics of ions and water at mineral-water interfaces: insights from experimental and computational studies".

  • F. Heberling: Ion specific effects at the calcite(104) - water interface (PDF, 250kB)
  • J. Tits: Immobilisation of hexavalent actinides in cementitious materials: Evidence for structural incorporation in calcium-silicate-hydrates (PDF, 168kB)
  • S. Hofmann: Influence of nitrate on the Eu(III) uptake by calcite: A TRLFS study (PDF, 52 kB)
  • D. Kulik: Partial-equilibrium concepts to model trace element uptake (PDF, 89kB)
  • F. Brandt: Replacement of Barite by Radiobarite at close to equilibrium conditions and room temperature (PDF, 169kB)
  • R. Polly: Sorption and incorporation of radio-nuclides at mineral surfaces studied with quantum chemical methods (PDF, 127kB)
  • M. Prieto: Interfacial tension and nucleation behaviour of minerals (revisited) (PDF, 186kB)
  • K. Rozov, H. Curtius, D. Bosbach: Synthesis, Characterization and Stabilities of Mg-Zr(IV)-Al-Cl Containing Layered Double Hydroxides (LDHs)
  • M. Klinkenberg, F. Brandt, K. Rozov, G. Modolo, D. Bosbach: Recrystallization of Barite in the Presence of Ra at Elevated Temperatures up to 90°C