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Frank Heberling
Institute for Nuclear Waste Disposal (KIT-INE)
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Migration Conference

Migration Conference
Date:13 - 18 Septermber, 2015 In:

Santa Fe, NM, USA 

Retention of trivalent actinides by structural incorporation

M. Schmidt, S. Peschel, S. Hofmann, C. Walther, D. Bosbach, T. Stumpf (Germany)



Experimental and simulation study of phase equilibrium in the system (Ba,Sr,Ra)SO4 + H2O

M. Klinkenberg, F. Brandt, J. Weber, V.L. Vinograd, K. Rozov, D. Kulik, B. Winkler, D. Bosbach (Germany, Switzerland)



Advanced microanalytical characterization of the (BA,RA)SO4 solid solution with APT and TEM

J. Weber, F. Brandt, M. Klinkenberg, U. Breuer, A. Savenko, J. Barthel, D. Bosbach (Germany)



Sorption of trivalent rare earth elements on calcite

S.E. Peschel, M. Schmidt, S. Hofmann, J.E. Stubbs, P.J. Eng (Germany, USA)



The solubility of RaSO4 and uptake of radium by BaSO4 at T = 25 - 90 °C

F. Brandt, K. Rozov, M. Klinkenberg, D. Bosbach (Germany)



Selenium uptake by cementitious materials: effect of the redox state

J. Tits, H. Rojo, A. C. Scheinost, B. Lothenbach, E. Wieland (Switzerland, Germany)


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